The Growth Switch

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The Growth Switch, founded by Cyril Madiba, assists with the sharing of academic, career and personal development insights for the growth of students and young professionals. The initiative was born from the realization that there are critical soft skills that the education system doesn’t teach. These skills are vital in one’s development and having experienced firsthand the hardships that come with not having the rightful insights and support when building a career, our founder Cyril Madiba CA(SA) knew the importance of having a knowledge sharing platform.

Cyril is a certified Life Coach and utilises real life experiences and his highly rated coaching abilities to share practical insights.

The insights are packaged in an online video which is then loaded onto the organisation's YouTube channel and social media pages.

In addition, The Growth Switch provides fee based one on one and group coaching sessions.




The vision of The Growth Switch is to empower students and young professionals with knowledge and skills necessary to enable them to successfully grow in their fields of study, effectively lead fulfilling careers and become positive contributors to the economy and society.


Target Market


The market catered to by The Growth Switch comprises predominantly of individuals from previously disadvantaged backgrounds  and is broken down into two main segments:

  • students from Grade 11 to tertiary institutions post graduate level

  • young graduates and professionals with up to 5 years' employment experience


Cyril's utilisation of his almost 13 years' corporate experience, life skills obtained through many decades and highly rated coaching abilities in conjunction with a personal approach makes for an impactful encounter.

Published Online Videos