"I'm Not Supposed To Be Here" is based on the remarkable true story of a South African boy from a poor background who dreams of being highly educated to change his family circumstances and assist others to do the same. He is told that people with his personal history are almost certain to not amount to much in life. His journey is full of many twists, with odds increasingly stacked against him. Yet, he somehow manages to manoeuvre the obstacles and move closer to achieving his dreams, shattering all predictions. Indeed, he is not supposed to be here.



Liryc's dreams start to take flight in the Second Series as we see him journey into foreign cities, countries and crossing unknown seas all in pursuit of the dreams he had envisioned as a young boy herding cattle.

It is a story of hope, discipline, dedication and perseverance. You will laugh, cry, fall in love and be inspired by this truly African tale.

I'm Not Supposed To Be Here (Second Series)